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Primary education is the key to build a brilliant future, full of opportunities and success, in a continuously changing world.

New Kids International School (KIS) of Gallarate offers a study plan tending towards the excellence, comprehending English language learning with qualified mother tongue teachers.

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Kids International School is an innovative school, focused on the development of the eight Key Competences for Lifelong Learning, requested by the European Union. Our vision is oriented toward the future and the excellence. Our children chase their goal with their eyes fixed firmly on the polar star, growing up in a meritocracy environment.

The teachers staff is formed by the most qualified Italian and English mother tongue teachers. Our main goal is to develope our students communication skills, activating all their different available ways of communication.

English language learning is a fundamental competence in a globalized world: CLIL method is the key to reach this competence, through the study of many curricular subjects in English and English labs led by highly qualified mother tongue teachers.

Cooperative and active learning is at the bottom of our teaching, in order to develope positive interactions among our students, individual and group responsibility and critical analysis skills.

Kids International School works in very close contact with children families, sharing with them kids development through a constant and professional contact.

Our classrooms, furnished with appropriate educational material, are designed to satisfy our students needs and to meet each of their specific demands.


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Kids International School è una scuola privata, non statale, non paritaria

Kids International School è un progetto per l'apertura di una nuova scuola primaria internazionale a Gallarate.

Lo scopo di questa pagina è raccogliere l'interesse delle famiglie verso una nuova opportunità di formazione.

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