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The core of our teaching strategies is built around different abilities: from creative problem solving to developing sport and music skills. Our teachers commitment is to offer our students the opportunity to express themselves through standard channels and to strengthen every child by:


  • cooperative approach

  • holistic learning

  • problem solving


Kids International School support an education focused on learning by relations through topics and not by memorizing notions. Teachers stimulate mental images to guide the children into a global comprehension and then inspire them to solve a problem using mental maps or abstract network. Every new knowledge links and integrates the previous, so that students can be free to found different neural path for the same ideas. Students learn to build relations between experiences, sounds, knowledge, guided by teachers who know how to foster the best mental connections.


The school offers a learning experience with a strong experiential component, to involve cognitive, emotional and physical channels in every child. The traditional teaching method is completed by state of the art tools and approaches, in order to ease and strengthen the learning experience, from reality to concept.


The classroom is where we build the knowledge, where we ask students to take part in common decision making, from the scan of the lesson to the execution of the rules.


Active and cooperative learning are the core of every lesson plan. Every day children can be the protagonist of their own learning process.


We ensure a flexible use of the school spaces. Lots of tools are constantly available for students to ease the learning by doing experiences, especially for science, technology, arts, music and theater.


The classroom management is based on building personal relationship between teachers and students. The aim is to foster a positive attitude towards the school in every student. We constantly encourage children to active participation and we provide them with a steady support in their daily routine. We enhance every little step towards the achievement of the goals, which are previously determined by the team of teachers together whit the family (during individual meetings and reports delivery).

Performing Arts


School performances and events constitute a key part of the school curriculum. Teachers and students cooperate in the writing of scripts and lines specifically. We are fully convinced that involving children in the preparation of every practical project is the best way to allow them developing their real skills and competences.


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