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Richiesta informazioni

The study of scientific disciplines enhances the divergent and critical thought, by active research and guided planning towards solutions.

Using american programs as an example, the whole secondary education classes provide 2 hours of Science CLIL + 2 hours of Science LAB, in which students will be involved in the active process of building their own skills.

Kids Secondary School offers a science program that encourage students to inquire every problem through research, observation and experimentation. They learn how to work both independently and in group. They investigate each phenomenon through concrete assignment that lead them to the right scientific inferences; those inferences are then correlate to ethics, culture, economy and environment.

Following the National Indications for the Secondary school Program (I grade), all the scientific subjects develop around three main aspects:

  • chemistry and physics

  • astronomy and Earth science

  • biology


The CLIL program evolve through many interdisciplinary Units, exclusively in English. Students can observe different topics from two or more point of views related to differents subjects, that lead them to understand the existent relations and divergences.

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