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Primary School

Kids International School stems from the need to offer a bilingual school with an innovative teaching method including the best aspects of Northern Europe and North America methodologies in the territories of Gallarate and Varese. 


From the school year 2017-18, Kids International School is a state-recognised school.

Kids International School support an interdisciplinary education focused on learning by relations through topics.

Students learn to build relations between experiences, sounds, knowledge, guided by teachers who know how to foster the best mental connections.


The core of our teaching strategies is built around different abilities: 


  • cooperative approach

  • holistic learning

  • problem solving


The classroom management is based on building personal relationship between teachers and students. The aim is to foster a positive attitude towards school in every student. 


Kids International School offers the excellence of an innovative approach, studied and adjusted to our needs:


 Interdisciplinary learning program is defined according to the Italian program specified in the National Indications of the Educational Ministry.


Approximately 60% of the curriculum hours are taught in English, thanks to qualified teachers with a high level of English proficiency, recognised by Italian Educational Ministry.


Kids International School is now officially recognized as a Cambridge English Qualification Centre.

 Cambridge Lab constitutes a relevant part of Kids International School Curriculum: the school timetable includes 2 hours a week with a mother tongue teacher, with the purpose of taking Cambridge exams (Starters at the end of the 2nd grade, Movers at the end of the fourth grade, Flyers at the end of the fifth grade) and obtain Elementary A2 level at the end of the Primary School and First Certificate English at the end of the Secondary School (according to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages).


Kids International School supports an interdisciplinary and scientific approach including Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. Blended learning allows students to understand how these disciplines are actually applicable to everyday life.

The school timetable includes 6 hours a week with English mother tongue qualified teachers. Our students live in a mainly English-speaking environment that allow them to learn English naturally, through playful and creative activities such as music, drama, storytelling, dance, art and craft. During the three-year period, labs are structured in close connection to educational curriculum.
Ancora 1

After 4.00 p.m.


Kids International School extends its school time to allow students to discover their own passions.

All extracurricular activities take place in the school building and are taught by highly specialized professionals.

In order to meet the needs of all families, after school with an American mother-tongue teacher is available everyday until 6.00 p.m.


Quando la fluidità della danza
moderna e il potenziamento acrobatico si fondono


I bambini impareranno a
realizzare e programmare i movimenti di
piccoli robot


Impara a difenderti con le efficaci ed antiche tecniche del Kung Fu!



Lezione individuale al fianco di un maestro professionista. (basso, chitarra, batteria)

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