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Secondary School


Ready to... WORK TOGETHER!

Kids International School offers all the students an adequate environment where they can live happily, surrounded by adults that act as their reference points as well as good example. Teachers constantly operate to build a positive environment of cooperation with students.


Our school offers the children the opportunity to challenge themselves, protected by all the adults involved in their growing process. Those are years of great energy and creativity for all the children and we want to offer each of them the chance to discover his/her talents and passions.


The Secondary School is designed for this purpose and it integrates the international education program of our Primary School. Both are innovative and offers an opportunity for all the students and families that want an improvement from the traditional teaching methods. 


Kids International Schools encourage students to be more active in building their own competences and skills; each child is responsible and aware of his/her learning process. The methods we use in classroom will become the best strategies they could use in whatever working environment they’ll chose to operate in. 

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