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“Mastering the English language and another community language for communication purposes, also using the sectoral languages ​​provided by the study paths, to interact in different contexts and contexts of study and work, at the B2 level of mastery of the European reference framework for languages”

Framework of key competences defined by

The European Parliament and the Council of the European Union

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What is L2?


L2 is a second foreign language, different from the mother tongue, used as a vehicle to communicate in different contexts.


Learning an L2 requires appropriate school spaces and environments where exclusively English is spoken. For this reason, Kids International School Educational Offer provides 18 hours a week in English Language and is based on Clil Method, so that students can learn L2 naturally.


Second EU language


Kids International School proposes 4 hours of Spanish Language learning for the Secondary School (2 curricular hours and 2 hours for the preparation of DELE certificate.

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